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Whether you are looking for medieval cavalry to enrich a battle display, or the splendour of a knightly tournament to draw the crowds – Destrier can provide you with the real thing, combining genuine historic education with exciting entertainment.

We would be more than happy to discuss any questions you may have, and can provide you with a quotation tailored to your requirements.

Latest News

Join us at Tamworth Castle for the St George’s Day Extravaganza.

Medieval-themed fun for the whole family on Saturday 22 April, from 10am – 5pm.

Grand Medieval Joust at 12:15pm and 2:45pm.

Grand Medieval Joust at 12:15pm and 2:45pm.


Recently Destrier members jousted at the Royal Armouries in Leeds. You can read the article here.

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For numerous reenactors and horsemen Destrier is, and has been throughout its existence, the gateway to medieval horsemanship. Many of the world’s leading jousters have started out as members of Destrier.

If you would like to explore the world of historic equitation, become a jouster, or simply take part in the recreation of 15th century tournament and cavalry, Destrier is your society of choice.

Welcome to Destrier

If asked the question “What is a medieval knight?” most people would respond by describing a 15th century horseman clad in steel plate armour, mounted on a strong warhorse, wielding a lance or a sword. The sheer visual power of this image, as attested in numerous impressive museum displays, has inspired popular imagination more than any other kind of warrior.

And yet, displays of historically accurate 15th century cavalry remain exceedingly rare, as do display teams able to provide mounted knights of this period within a high-quality show. The reason for this lies in the level of difficulty. Riding a horse in real steel armour requires excellent horsemanship, physical fitness, a very well-crafted and tightly fitting harness of armour, a specially trained horse, months of training, and considerable courage. The combination of these skills and assets, and their application in a show providing both exhilarating entertainment and informative education is what we at Destrier do.

Thanks to considerable research and effort, Destrier’s horsemen and women interpret the medieval mounted warrior of the Wars of the Roses as close to historical reality as possible: at the hunt, at exercise, in tournament, and in battle.

From the Dictionary

Destrier – archaic – Warhorse; also: a charger used especially in medieval tournaments.
Etymological origin: Middle English, from Anglo-French destrer, destrier, from destre right hand, from Latin dextra, from feminine of dexter; first known use: 14th century.

About Destrier

Founded in 1996 as a cavalry group for 15th century battle re-enactments, Destrier began exploring the medieval sport of jousting in 2000 using balsa-tipped lances. In 2002 Destrier’s knights were hired by English Heritage to perform a new format of historical jousting events using real armour – a show concept still in use by English Heritage today. Shortly later, the group accepted an invitation to compete at the Royal Armouries’ renowned Tournament of the Sword of Honour, which the Destrier team won twice in subsequent years.

In 2008 and 2009, Destrier became instrumental in pushing out the boundaries of recreating the medieval tournament still further, when its members worked with English Heritage to create historical jousting shows using solid lances with steel coronels. Five Destrier riders became the first men in modern history to ride horses in heavy 16th century jousting harnesses while breaking real lances upon each other.

Destrier is acknowledged as a pioneer of modern jousting, and as the leading display team for 15th century mounted soldiery and chivalry in Europe. Destrier’s knights are riding professionally for organisations such as English Heritage and the Royal Armouries, and compete successfully at the world’s leading tournaments in the UK, mainland Europe, Canada and the US. From its foundation to today Destrier remains at the forefront of the interpretation of medieval mounted martial arts, and the rediscovery of the medieval tournament as a modern sport.