Hire The Real Thing

Whether you are looking for medieval cavalry to enrich a battle display, or the splendour of a knightly tournament to draw the crowds – Destrier can provide you with the real thing, combining genuine historic education with exciting entertainment. We would be more than happy to discuss any questions you may have, and can provide you with a quotation tailored to your requirements.

Arming the Knight

Our riders use some of the finest replica harnesses in the world – why not use this resource and treat your visitors to a close-up look at how real armour works?

Small-scale Cavalry

Liven up your event or venue by adding a fully armoured knight on his Destrier, or a gentleman and his lady out on horseback on their coursers.


Fully armoured knights on horseback are a highlight in any parade, and will certainly raise some attention even when out in town on their own… a perfect means of drawing the crowds to your venue.

Hunting Games

Six mounted gentlemen and ladies splendidly attired for the medieval hunt, keen to best each other at a variety of games and exercises – a beautiful show of horsemanship, skill at arms, period clothing and entertaining banter.

Cavalry Skill-at-Arms

Six men-at-arms exercising their Destriers and honing their skills before battle; a great opportunity to witness the 15th century mounted warrior up close in action.


Four 15th century knights in open competition, smashing real wooden lances on real steel armour at closing speeds of up to 40mph – who will win the day?


Add an exciting discipline of the medieval tournament very rarely seen nowadays – four to six armoured knights and their Destriers enter close combat with clubs and blunted swords, all against all. Who will be the last one standing?


Take your re-enactment to the next level by adding real 15th century cavalry. What could be more exciting than feeling the ground shake as a unit of fully armoured knights charges past you, weapons drawn?