Join The Real Thing

For numerous reenactors and horsemen Destrier is, and has been throughout its existence, the gateway to medieval horsemanship. Many of the world’s leading jousters have started out as members of Destrier.

If you would like to explore the world of historic equitation, become a jouster, or simply take part in the recreation of 15th century tournament and cavalry, Destrier is your society of choice.

All we expect from our members is passion and commitment. Riding abilities are not mandatory to join – there is ample need for non-riding members. Every new Destrier member starts as a valet or squire supporting the show on the ground. We don’t supply riding lessons, but train together, developing our skills on foot and in the saddle, while adding to our personal equipment.

With time, as new members expand their equipment and their riding skills, they can progress from the “ground crew” to riding in the Hunting Games show, and later on to riding in battle. Once the necessary equipment and skills are acquired, jousting training can begin, and the first appearance as a jousting knight is at hand.

Destrier offers a variety of membership levels reflecting this system:

Ground Crew

£15 per annum
Enabling participation at events without riding.

Our Ground Crew members are indispensable in supporting the shows as valets, squires and scorers in the arena, and also in the camp, especially providing ‘living history’. Previous experience with horses is not necessary for this as training can be given.


£20 per annum
Enabling participation at events as a rider (but not as a jouster).

Our riding members compete in the Hunting Games and Skill-at-Arms shows, support the joust as mounted scoring marshals and lance runners, and ride in battle and in parades. Competent riding skills are required, along with regular riding practise and training.


£30 per annum
Enabling full participation at all events.

Requirements include advanced riding skills, experience at riding in armour, adequate lance control skills, and ownership of a 15th century harness and other equipment compliant with Destrier safety guidelines. As with our rider members, Jousters must also maintain their riding fitness and practice their skills.


A special membership offering a reduced fee to families wishing to attend Destrier events.

A special membership available to those with at least one child under the age of 16. It enables families to join the group and enjoy being part of Destrier’s events. The cost varies, depending on the adults’ levels of participation, and there is no cost for the children. Destrier does not provide childcare, and children must always be supervised by their carers.